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PIMAX 4K VR Headset: Class-leading Technology, Sensational Gaming and Media

PIMAX surprised everyone when it introduced the world’s first Ultra HD VR headset back in 2016 and set the bar higher even for established players. The world’s most advanced HMD VR headset and winner of the best of CES Asia 2016 features an incredible 3840x2160 resolution, which is significantly higher than HTC Vive (2160x1200), Oculus Rift (2160x1200) and SONY [...]

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ILIFE V7S Pro: Powerful and Reliable House Cleaning Ally

Robot cleaners are increasingly becoming popular in different parts of the world, primarily due to our busy lifestyles and a host of other reasons. These little cleaning assistants can prove to be a great convenience and help in efficiently keeping the homes clean. Commonly known as Chuwi, ILIFE’s is behind many successful robot cleaners and its V7S Pro [...]

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SMOK Alien Mod Kit: Powerful Kit for Advances Vapors, OLED Display

With a moto of ‘better than you expect’, SMOK made quite a splash in the vaping industry after introducing the powerful Alien Mod Kit for advanced users. The 220W mod is not only powerful, but also compact and one of the best looking mods currently available.  The large and crisp OLED display provides a wealth of information, including [...]

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Sunvell T95Z Plus: Inspiring Design, Powerful Internals

Android TV boxes are increasingly becoming popular due to their features, decreasing prices and are available in all shapes and sizes. Sunvell T95Z Plus is another capable Amplogic S912 Octacore by Sunvell featuring a unique hexagon design. The inspiring design with multi-colored light strips is backed by powerful processing and Android TV 6.0, making it a complete home [...]

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Colorful iGame GTX 1060 (6GB, GDDR5, 192-Bits): Game Ready!

Loaded with world’s most advanced GPU architecture i.e. NVidia Pascal, GeForce GTX 1060 delivers up to 3 times the performance of last-gen graphics cards. Colorful’s 6GB GDDR5 graphics card provides excellent value for the money and is loaded with a bunch of new gaming technologies. NVidia GTX 1060 opens up the world of Virtual Reality, true-to-life graphics and [...]

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Geekvape Griffin 25: Raising the Bar for Competition

Geekvape is one of the very few companies that transformed itself from ‘unknown’ to an internationally recognized brand within a year. Its first product Griffin RTA proved to be the game changer and set new standards for other industry players. Griffin 25 plus is also a benchmark RTA and is a big improvement compared to its predecessor in [...]

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