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Sunvell T95K Pro Android TV Box: Style Meets Function at an Affordable Price

Just 0.7 inch tall and weighing 250 grams, Sunvell T95K Pro is probably the most colorful and stylish Android TV Box out there. Powered by an Octa-core CPU, it features Android 6.0, Dual Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and supports KODI 16.1, which makes it a complete media center package. The TV Box allows you to access a world of [...]

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QCY Q29 Bluetooth Earphones: Say Hello to Sound, Goodbye to Wires

Wired headphones can sometimes prove to be a real mess, especially while driving or during sports. Wireless headphones solve the problem to some extent, but usually lack quality and durability. QCY Q29 is here to address these issues without compromising on quality and performance. It’s an in-ear noise-cancelling Bluetooth earphone that promises incredible stereo sound and great noise cancellation, [...]

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Teclast Gaming PC: The Sweet Spot between Price and Performance

How much do you really need to spend on a gaming PC? The answer obviously depends on how much future-proofing you need. Teclast came up with a well-balanced gaming PC that offers solid performance without costing a fortune. In addition to being able to play the latest titles in decent resolution and details, gaming PCs are also better at [...]

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CHUWI LapBook 14.1: Simple and Elegant, Intel 7th Gen Apollo Lake

Big names in the PC industry have lately been facing tough competition from Chinese manufacturers as they keep packing their machines with more and more features. In addition to beefy specs, they have now shifted their focus on the product design and CHUWI’s 14-incher is an excellent example. It’s simple and elegant, yet powerful enough to get things done. [...]

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Teclast TBook 12 Pro: The Best Tablet of Both Worlds

Gone are the days when users were limited to choosing between either a Windows or an Android tablet. Many Chinese manufacturers have launched tablets supporting both operating systems, but Teclast Tbook 12 Pro offers even more. Unlike many other manufacturers that use Remix OS as the Android OS replacement, Telecast decided to stick with stock-like Android, which is a [...]

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ThiEYE T5e 4K Sports Camera: Feature Packed and Affordable Camera

ThiEYE T5e 4K Sports Camera targets geeks and professionals who are looking for power, flexibility and durability without spending a lot. The camera features a powerful processor, image sensor, electronic image stabilization and is equipped with Wi-Fi functionality to make sharing easier. It also comes with an app which acts like a remote control and enables users to edit [...]

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