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NITECORE LA10 CRI: Award Winning LED Camping Light

Winner of the IF Design Award 2017, the lipstick-sized LA10 camping light is designed for easy storage and functionality. The budget-friendly AA camping light has a pop-up/retractable diffuser that offers 360-degree illumination, while the extremely compact body allows users to carry it around everywhere. It’s powered by a single AA battery, which is readily available and can last [...]

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SJCAM SJ5000X: Elite Action Cam at an Affordable Price

Gone are the days when users were limited to choosing between either a Windows or an Android tablet. Many Chinese manufacturers have launched tablets supporting both operating systems, but Teclast Tbook 12 Pro offers even more. Unlike many other manufacturers that use Remix OS as the Android OS replacement, Telecast decided to stick with stock-like Android, which is a [...]

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Upcoming Vernee Mars Pro: exclusive on GB for 1 week

After the launch of Thor, Apollo and Mars, Vernee is going to release its new generation flagship smartphone–Mars Pro. With more exquisite exterior design and a better using experience of the system, Mars Pro is undoubtedly the most cost-effective flagship smartphone with 6GB RAM in 2017. Vernee official store offers new arrivals and the best selling online deals at [...]

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WLToys V666: Fully-featured FPV Quadcopter for Enthusiasts

What may look like a Parrot AR drone clone is actually a fully-featured quadcopter for enthusiasts and beginners who want a ready-to-fly quadcopter that offers stability and better control. WLToys V666 offers a lot of features at an affordable price and does not depend on smartphones for live footage like most other entry-level quadcopters do. V666 comes with [...]

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Skytech TK110HW: Foldable RC Drone with Wi-Fi FPV and Camera

There has recently been a lot of activity in the affordable quadcopter segment and companies have been trying to squeeze in as many features as possible. Skytech is one of those companies and its TK110HW RC quadcopter is a clear example of where the industry is heading. It packs most of the features beginners want at an affordable [...]

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New Bee NB-9: Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones with NFC

Bluetooth headphones aren’t anything new and there are many Chinese manufacturers offering capable gadgets at an affordable price. However, it’s hard to find features like NFC, pedometer, innovative design and dedicated app in affordable headphones, but New Bee NB-9 offers all of these plus a few more without costing much. Its foldable design allows better portability, which means [...]

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JXD S192K Gaming Phablet: Taking Mobile Gaming to another Level

JXD is a Chinese brand known for turning ordinary Android tablets into something special and offering a unique blend of performance and features at an affordable price. S192K is company’s latest flagship mobile gaming console that also offers the benefits of a normal tablet. What makes S192K aka Singularity so special is its ergonomic and curved design and powerful [...]

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ZTE AXON 7: Visually Stunning Top-tier Android Phone, Hi-Fi Sound

ZTE is mostly known for its mid-range and entry-level smartphones in the international markets, but the company does not feel shy to challenge the flagships from time to time. The AXON 7 is ZTE’s top-tier smartphone that aims to replace Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 without breaking the bank. From front-facing 360-degree speakers to gorgeous metal body design [...]

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GearBest Summer Big Discount Flash Sale

Mid-year promotion of GearBest is an important campaign in a year. Though promotions are always running on GearBest.com, but this time, it is really an opportunity that you can't let go. You can grab the cool phones, cameras and other good deals in the daily flash sale. Or you can join a funny game to win gifts like [...]

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UHANS U300: Exquisite Craftsmanship, Massive Battery, Decent Specs

UHANS is a Chinese smartphone brand known for its affordable smartphones that feature unique designs, powerful internals and massive batteries. U300 is one of the latest in the series featuring an exquisite leather-metal design that differentiates the phone from hundreds of ‘usual’ smartphones out there. Another killer feature of U300 is its massive 4750mAh battery that lasts for [...]

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