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Joyetech Ocular C Touchscreen 150W Box Mod

There was once a time when an LCD display on a vaping mod was considered just a gimmick, but things have changed and people have come to realize the convenience and features touchscreens offer. 150W Ocular C is the bigger brother of 80W Ocular TC box mod that also features a touchscreen and could be used as a portable [...]

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Germany Express – the best method from China to ‘Deutschland’

First time buyers from China, especially from a store like GearBest, are often troubled deciding which shipping method may be the safest. Often our beloved DHL Express comes with a mad increase of price. There is one shipping method offering the best value-for-money: Germany Express! Super safe, mediocre speed and shipped by Hermes once it arrives in Germany. This article shows [...]

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GearBest shipping to Italy with Italy Express

In this article, with the support of a customer, we are going to explain the shipping process from China to Italy using  Italy Express. We will monitor the shipping step-by-step and with a direct communication with our customer we will explain the most frequently asked question about this shipping method About Italy Express Italy Express is the [...]

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Roidmi 2S Smart BT Car Charger: Affordable Price, Real-time App Monitoring

One of the best Bluetooth smart car chargers currently available, Roidmi 2S is packed with features and available at an affordable price. Roidmi is a brand of Xiaomi, a company known as China’s Apple and famous for manufacturing quality products featuring exquisite design. The car charger is protected by a fireproof housing and is made using durable metals [...]

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Priority direct mail explained

GearBest priority direct mail is the most sophisticated shipping method from China to the rest of the world. With this methodology of shipping, GearBest leverages years of experience in international trade to bring the best experience to it's customers. In this article we will explain how it works Total Shipping times Priority direct mail is [...]

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Chuwi Hi 10 Pro: Best of Both the Worlds

Why search for separate Windows and Android tablets when you can get both Operating Systems in one neat and affordable package? Meet Chuwi Hi 10 Pro, a 2-in-1 tablet that allows switching between operating systems even when it is running. Powered by Intel Quadcore Cherry Trail processor, the tablet performs well in most situations and offers all the [...]

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Oukitel K6000 Plus: Unbelievable Battery and Value for Money

A brand known for delivering excellent value, OUKITEL became quite popular in recent years after launching its K series smartphones. K6000 Plus is another value-packed smartphone featuring a monstrous 6080mAh SCUD battery that lasts for days without charging. The battery is almost double compared to what most other Chinese smartphone manufacturers are offering and isn’t the only feature [...]

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Nubia Z11 MAX (Snapdragon): Octacore Performance, Premium Design

Powered by an Octacore Snapdragon processor and featuring ultra-thin metal body and a massive battery, Nubia Z11 is a premium mid-range phone that promises enhanced performance and great battery life. The mighty 6-inch Super AMOLED Full HD display translates into razor sharp images, vivid colors and impeccable viewing angles. Z11 Max contains all it takes to challenge the competition [...]

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QCY 50 Bluetooth Headphones: Foldable Design, Rich Sound

QCY is a brand well known for producing quality Bluetooth headphones that offer great value for the money.  QCY 50 Bluetooth foldable headphone with mic is yet another affordable and quality product from the company and features noise isolation and cancelling. The 200mAh built-in battery provides weeks of standby time and around 12 hours of music playback time. [...]

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PiPO X9: Windows Meets Android in a Compact Box

Designers and engineers at PiPO thought of doing something unique to combine tablet features with a Mini-PC and add both Windows and Android to the recipe. The end result is X9, which is unlike most devices out there and a niche product that also has the potential to attract general users. The hybrid device looks more like a [...]

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