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UHANS MX: the cheapest bezel-less 3G smartphone

4G network might be the mainstream, but there are still rather large areas of the country / world that rely exclusively on Edge and 3G cellular networks for connection. UHAN aims at this niche market and launches the UHANS MX, which is a tri-bezel-less 3G smartphone. Overview UHANS aims to make the MX the cheapest bezel-less smartphone [...]

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LEAGOO T5 THFC: Tottenham Hotspur Limited Edition

LEAGOO T5 is a budget-friendly handset aimed towards the mid-range segment of the market. It combines great price with great performance which makes it become popular in the smartphone market. To celebrate the cooperation with Tottenham Hotspur in the coming five years, the LEAGOO company specifically released Tottenham Hotspur customized T5. With the Tottenham Hotspur customized elements on the [...]

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Vernee Mix 2: 6.0-inch FHD+ Tri-Bezel-Less Phone

Vernee has recently released its latest flagship Mix 2 to meet the market of bezel-less smartphones. Obviously, Vernee Mix 2 takes its name from the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, and considered as the best alternative of Xiaomi Mix 2 so far. It’s not only because of the low price Vernee offered, but also its remarkable design and reliable quality. [...]

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Xiaomi Mix 2: Bezel-less, ceramic unibody

Waiting for one year, the Xiaomi Mix 2 was finally here. This new generation of Xiaomi bezel-less smartphone is really surprised people by its stunning design and performance. Being a lot cheaper than Apple's iPhone X, it's an ideal option if you're looking for premium bezel-less smartphone around $600. Design & Display Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 sports a ceramic finish, and available on [...]

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GearBest New Arrival: ALLDOCUBE Free Young X5 Phablet

The ALLDOCUBE Free Young X5 Phablet has been released and sold on GearBest now. As an exclusive new arrival, GearBest puts great emphasis on it. A promotion of CUBE Free Young X5 is under way and more discounts are offered by GearBest via flash sale and coupons. ALLDOCUBE Free Young X5 Features ALLDOCUBE Free Young X5 is a 8-inch [...]

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Upcoming Vkworld Mix+: exclusive on GearBest at $139.99

Vkworld is going to launch a 5.5-inch full-screen smartphones that is surrounded by bezels measuring only 0.8mm thin. This new phone is called Vkworld Mix+ (Mix Plus), which is announced to be the world's cheapest full-screen smarphone. Now, you can easily pre-order it on at $139.99. Design In terms of design, Vkworld Mix+ resembles last year's frameless smartphone Xiaomi [...]

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OnePlus 3T: NEVER SETTLE, Again

A small company with big dreams, OnePlus is known for throwing out flagship killers and delivered on its marketing promises right from the beginning.   It all started with OnePlus One that boasted high-end specs and helped the company create a value-driven niche market. One Plus 2 and 3 followed the legacy while One Plus 3T was introduced to keep [...]

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