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VOYO VBOOK V3: Setting New Standards for the Competitors

Potential customers trying to find a bargain in the Windows convertible sector are often turned off by the high prices of ‘big’ industry players. That’s where Chinese companies really shine and VBOOK V3 is no exception. V3 was the first Intel Apollo Lake based convertible from China and unlike most other manufacturers, didn’t cut every corner to bring [...]

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Doogee T6 Pro: Massive Battery, Powerful Internals at an Affordable Price

Featuring a massive 6250 mAh battery and powerful internals, Doogee T6 Pro is a capable Android smartphone with an attractive price tag. Impressive runtimes isn’t the only thing that differentiates T6 Pro from the rest as the phone also comes equipped with an Octacore processor, 3 gigs of ram and a decent amount of internal storage. Add a [...]

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Cubot Cheetah 2: Setting the Bar Higher and Higher, Yet Again

Chinese phone manufacturers have lately been giving a really tough time to ‘big names’ in the budget-phones segment by squeezing in more and more features with each release.  Cheetah 2 is here to make life even more difficult for established brands and offers a whole bunch of features at a very affordable price. A Full HD Display, Octacore [...]

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HOMTOM HT16 Pro: Solid Performance, Unbelievable Price

Doogeemobile launched HOMTOM H16 in summer, targeting the youth at an insanely affordable price of around $50. The company is back again with another super affordable, yet powerful android smartphone. The Pro version comes with a notably faster quadcore processor, 2GB ram and decent camera specs and design. It also works on 4G networks and offer blazing fast internet [...]

By | February 2nd, 2017|HOMTOM, Smartphones|0 Comments

THL T9 Pro: Great Value, Feature-rich Affordable Smartphone

Chinese manufacturers are giving a tough time to top tier smartphone companies and THL T9 Pro is an excellent example to prove the point. Just a few years back low-cost phones meant cutting every corner to keep the manufacturing costs down. However, things have changed recently and now you can find many capable smartphones for under $100. T9 Pro [...]

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Cube Mix Plus: Flagship Performance, Mid-range Price

Powered by the latest 7th Generation Intel Kaby Lake Processor and featuring a stunning Full HD IPS display (by Samsung), Cube Mix Plus price offers flagship performance at an affordable price. It comes with Windows 10 Home, which ensures a smooth, fluid and more streamlined user experience. The new Intel Kaby Lake processors are not only energy efficient and [...]

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OUKITEL U20 Plus 4G: Unbeatable Price, Exceptional Value

Finding a capable smartphone in $100 price range may seem like an impossible task, but OUKITEL U20 Plus is here to change that perception. Not only it packs pretty decent hardware, it even features a dual camera setup and a fingerprint reader. Thanks to OUKITEL, now a Full HD big display, quadcore performance, fingerprint reader and 4G LTE connectivity [...]

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