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Xiaomi Mi Mix: The Future is Already Now

Xiaomi took everyone at its recent press event in Beijing by surprise and revealed the future of smartphones. Meet Xiaomi Mi Mix, the ultimate Phablet with zero bezels and 91.3 percent screen-to-body ratio (iPhone 7 Plus has 67.7%). Although it isn’t the first of its kind, the Mi Mix has definitely improved a lot in terms of design, specifications, features [...]

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Ulefone Tiger 4G: Exceptional Value, Features & Performance

When people think of $100 dollar phones, they usually think of plastic-made, feature-deprived and phones with absolutely no aesthetic value. That’s exactly the perception Ulefone aims to change through its Tiger 4G smartphone. Nothing comes close to Tiger in $100 price range as the phone offers unbelievable value for the money. Ulefone Tiger 4G strikes the perfect balance between features, [...]

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Xiaomi Mi5s: Sensational Technology at an Affordable Price

The much hyped Xiaomi Mi5s has been officially announced & released and fuses together elegant design and powerful internals.  The world knows Xiaomi for producing devices that offer best value for the money and gives competitors a hard run for their money. It manages to do so without comprising on features and the Mi5s is no exception Xiaomi Mi5s- [...]

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Xiaomi Mi Pad vs. Mi Pad 2: Fun is not expensive anymore!

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2, also available in Windows 10 version, comes with many improvements over its predecessor, but are these improvements worth the price tag? Let’s find out. The most notable change is the processor i.e. Mi Pad uses Nvidia Tegra K1 Quadcore processor, while Mi Pad 2 uses Intel Atom Quadcore 64-bit processor. The next big change is the [...]

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Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro 4G: Bleeding-edge Specs at an Affordable Price

ZUK Z2 Pro is Lenovo’s second flagship with a lot of improvements over its predecessor Z1. It excites a lot of tech enthusiasts as it’s one of the very few phones with a whopping 6GB RAM and Snapdragon 820 processor. The phone also boasts generous internal memory, capable camera setup, fingerprint sensor, heart-rate monitor and adopts a fresh and more [...]

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Redmi Note 4: All-metal Budget Smartphone, a Force to Reckon with

Nothing comes close to Redmi devices when it’s about packing features in a budget smartphones. Redmi Note 4 is an all-metal budget smartphone that’s ready to win the hearts of customers. It’s essentially a turbo-charged Redmi Note 3, pushing the envelope even further and aiming to be another winner for Xiaomi. Redmi Note 4- Overview Redmi Note 4 comes [...]

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Vernee Apollo Lite 4G: Deca-Core Performance at Quad-core Price

Chinese Android smartphone manufacturers are giving a really tough time to giants like Samsung, HTC, SONY etc. and Vernee is also out there to make the competition even tougher. Vernee Apollo Lite 4G Phablet- Overview It’s near-to-impossible to find phones in $200 range with specs and features Apollo Lite 4G offers. Helio X20 Deca-core processor, 4GB RAM, Sharp IGZO [...]

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Xiaomi Redmi Pro: Flagship Phablet with OLED Display and Dual Cameras

Redmi phones are famous for their extensive list of features at an unbelievable price and Xiaomi Redmi Pro is no exception. What makes the phablet so irresistible is its asking price, which is fraction of what big names are asking for similarly-spec devices. Xiaomi Redmi Pro- Overview Xiaomi Redmi Pro isn’t just about the internal power as its body [...]

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