22 12, 2017

GearBest Presale: Ulefone Power 3 at $219.99 with Free Gifts

Ulefone has released the third-gen 'Power' smartphone Power 3 which comes with many mainstream and advanced features. The presale of this newly-released phone will officially start on December 25th at GearBest with the price of $219.99. But you can also preorder it now at the same price with GearBest Exclusive Coupon UlePower3. Now, [...]

28 11, 2016

Ulefone ARMOR: The Best Product Born for ICE and Fire

Ulefone ARMOR is company’s first rugged smartphone for outdoorsy active types. It’s IP68 certified dust and water proof and is able to survive most of the direct hits on a hard ground. The polycarbonate-TPU double-layer body allows the phone to keep alive in extreme temperatures. Physical navigation as well as SOS keys allows easy operation [...]

26 10, 2016

Ulefone Tiger 4G: Exceptional Value, Features & Performance

When people think of $100 dollar phones, they usually think of plastic-made, feature-deprived and phones with absolutely no aesthetic value. That’s exactly the perception Ulefone aims to change through its Tiger 4G smartphone. Nothing comes close to Tiger in $100 price range as the phone offers unbelievable value for the money. Ulefone Tiger 4G strikes [...]