17 06, 2017

WLToys V666: Fully-featured FPV Quadcopter for Enthusiasts

What may look like a Parrot AR drone clone is actually a fully-featured quadcopter for enthusiasts and beginners who want a ready-to-fly quadcopter that offers stability and better control. WLToys V666 offers a lot of features at an affordable price and does not depend on smartphones for live footage like most other entry-level [...]

16 06, 2017

Skytech TK110HW: Foldable RC Drone with Wi-Fi FPV and Camera

There has recently been a lot of activity in the affordable quadcopter segment and companies have been trying to squeeze in as many features as possible. Skytech is one of those companies and its TK110HW RC quadcopter is a clear example of where the industry is heading. It packs most of the features [...]

11 05, 2017

Husban X4 (H502E): Affordable Mini Drone with 720p Camera and GPS

Mini quadcopters are increasingly becoming popular due to their portability and manufacturers are happy to add more features into them to target even more customers. Hubsan X4 H502E is a portable mini quadcopter featuring GPS and a 720p camera and automatically comes back home if something goes wrong during the journey. The mini [...]

14 03, 2017

SYMA X5SC-1: Unbeatable Value for Starters and Enthusiasts

The latest in SYMA’s popular X5 lineup, X5SC-1 is an update to X5C-1, offers incredible value at dirt-cheap price and features a camera and headless mode. Thanks to RC toys like these that we are witnessing an exponential growth in quadcopter ownership and a sharp decrease in the prices. X5SC-1 is one of [...]

8 02, 2017

SYMA X8G: Affordable, Easy to Use RC Quadcopter

You can’t be wrong with SYMA X8G quadcopter if you are looking for a complete package to step into the world of unmanned flights at an affordable price. Compared to its predecessor X5, the new model improves on every aspect, including bigger range, a significantly better camera and enhanced stability. X8G has got [...]