In an extremely dynamic and challenging eCommerce industry, is mandatory to anticipate what the customer wants in order to provide a better shopping experience. With more than one million support tickets open every month, GearBest decided to introduce the facebook messenger integration to gain a flawless communication with customers all over the world.

Why Choose GB Messenger for Customer Service?

We currently offer three method for customer service: GearBest Messenger, Submit Tickets, and Live Chat. The following table shows the comparison of these three methods. We highly recommend you to use GearBest Messenger which is with more convenience and functionality.

GB MessengerSubmit TicketsLive Chat
Response TimeWithin 24 HoursWithin 24 HoursWithin 24 Hours
MethodSend your problem directly, and get a fast replyHave to complete an information form, and check your result under “My Ticket”Need to submit information before asking
Convenience• Ask and get reply on web and Messenger App;
• Enjoy GearBest customer support anywhere
• Can upload photos / video for assistance
• Can only submit and check your tickets on
• Requires a computer
• Can only upload photos for assistance
• Only available via the website.
• Requires a computer
• Cannot retrieve chat history, after chat window is closed
• Cannot upload photo / video for assistance
Functionality• Presale & after-sale support
• Exclusive deals available
• Promotion notifications
• Only after-sale customer service• Only for presale customer service

How to Contact GearBest Through Messenger?

On GearBest

You can enjoy GB customer service anywhere with GB Messenger since it can be used on PC and Mobile ends. You can find it on, or contact us on the GearBest Facebook Page, or on the Messenger App.

1.Find GB Messenger on

  • On the top-right corner under “Live Chat



Via Facebook

Connect With us on the GearBest Facebook Pageclick “Message”, and send us your questions

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Remeber also to like our page, as on there you will find our best deals and amazing contests!

On Mobile

Open your Messenger app, scan this image and you will be on a direct communication Line with GearBest! You can alternatively access this url, the app wil launch automatically:

Use GB Messenger to Track Orders & Get Updates Notifications

GB messenger is not only an easy-to-use tool for communicating, but also a convenient tool for tracking your orders. In addition, you can receiver updates notifications through the messenger bot. All you need to do is to connect GearBest Account with messenger on the log-in page, as shown below:

Get More Fun Than Just Support on GB Messenger

In addition to on-line support, GearBest offers a series of activities to return trust and support, such as:

  • Join daily auctions, one lot will be offered daily. After the auction, GearBest will return the proceeds to the participants in the form of GB Points
  • Enjoy Special $0.01 Coupons, which are released daily

In addition, come to GearBest Messenger page before Jun. 20, you could join the quiz and win a Xiaomi Mi6 and Aliexpress powerbank. Besides, you could also enjoy the special coupons, which are released daily.

Satisfaction Survey

Any suggestion? This survey will be reviewed by GearBest customer service with the support of our staff. Out of the survey participants, GearBest will randomly extract 3 customers to win 1000 GB Points (worth $20), and 30 participants to win 100 GB Points.