GearBest shipping to Italy with Italy Express

In this article, with the support of a customer, we are going to explain the shipping process from China to Italy using  Italy Express. We will monitor the shipping step-by-step and with a direct communication with our customer we will explain the most frequently asked question about this shipping method

About Italy Express

Italy Express is the shipping channel we suggest to our Italian customers. This shipping is cheap (sometimes free for orders above $40), fast (as low as 7 business days to cover 8,000 km) and safe (international transfers are managed by major logistics partners such as DHL and UPS). The delivery of the parcel is made in Italy by a national express (Bartolini)

How to select Italy Express

Once you reached checkout phase, Italy Express will appear under Priority Direct Mail if you are ordering from a Chinese warehouse. Might appear under Standard Shipping if you are ordering from a Hong Kong warehouse

Despite Italy Express is considered a safe channel, we suggest to buy insurance for the shipping. At an extremely low price, the insurance will cover the shipping over a 8,000km journey

Step 1: initiating the tracking

The tracking of Italy Express is made via or These two websites are connected to all the logistics partners and collect all the relevant tracking information once the parcel is scanned at a checkpoint

Step 2: to the Hong Kong Airport

Once the parcel is shipped out, you will receive an email from GearBest with a tracking number like IT********

The first goal of our parcel is to reach the Hong Kong airport. There is no big difference if your parcel is sent out from a Chinese or a Hong Kong warehouse. Usually, they reach the airport overnight. GearBest uses dedicated lines to reach the airport, be aware that sometimes there won’t be updates on the parcel until the scan inside the airport.

Once you see your parcel at the stage “Parcel is leaving Hong Kong Airport” please remember that your order has to pass all the security check in the Hong Kong airport, to be allocated inside a pallet, to find a slot for transfer and to fly 12 hours to London. This is the longest step of Italy Express and might take up to 5 business days

Step 3: from London to Milan

Once arrived in London, before getting any update, the parcel will have to pass customs and to be moved to a local warehouse before being assigned to the transfer to Italy

When you will notice the message “Information sent to Italy” your parcel will be in the process of being transferred to Milan. This transfer is again done in pallets with DHL Express. This step might take up to 5 business day to be executed.

You won’t see any updated until the parcel is in the hand of the Italian express Bartolini

Step 4: final delivery in Italy

Once received by Bartolini, sky56 and faryaa will update with the information taken from Bartolini website. Brt will also send a text message with the delivery confirmation (usually from 24 to 48 hours)

Our suggestion is to check it directly from Bartolini website at this address. Make sure to insert your IT tracking under “id collo cliente”

The result will be something like this:

Conclusions & Suggestions

In the above example GearBest delivered to Italy in as low as 7 business days – extremely fast situation. During peak seasons this shipping method might take up to 15 business days to deliver

To Sicilia, Sardagna and other italian islands, Bartolini might require an additional day to deliver

Per maggiori informazioni sulla spedizione in Italia potete fare riferimento al blog in italiano o ai nostri partners

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  1. Dainis49 August 10, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    Thank you for the tip to try out Italy Express! I’m planning to move to Italy, so am open to suggestions of good delivery service. My favorite service to send parcel to Italy so far was Ecoparcel:, but I’ll try this one as well (though don’t have to send anything from China, just from UK!)

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