Magnetic Levitation World Map


It is a piece of art that makes your space inspiring by creating an unique visual effect.It works with an electromagnet and computerized sensor hidden in its display stand causing it to levitate motionlessly in the air.Additionally,it features a LED nightlight that makes it look very cool when turned on in the dark.

3D Dog Pillow


The high-quaity fluffy peari cotton is soft and elastic,cute expression.Natural reactive dyeing,healthy and non-toxic.Machine washable,no deformation,no fading.

3D Carving Shape Model


Pins can slide back and forth smoothly, you can slide to change different shapes you want.Smooth surface and flat headed, gives you soft touch feeling.It was made of safe plastic material,safe and non-toxic.

Emoji pillow


Can't help love these pillows .They are soft ,comical ,bright and super fluffy.Absolutely a good decorative pillow for your sofa and bed .cheese smile,kiss heart,naughty,grinning,poop,demon and etc.Overstuffed and cute shaped item great for sleeping, watching TV or cushioning any part of body you need to relax.

Animal Headrest Pillow


Animal soft headrest pillow , great for head and neck support when driving ,reading .  It is easily installation on car seats with the elastic band back .

3D Printer Pen


This is an innovative and interesting handheld 3D printer. As shown in the images, the ultra compact 3D printer pen is shaped as an easy-to-hold pen. Unlike a normal 3D printer pen, the 3D printing pen can not load any 3D file so your creativity is up to your hand. Drawing various 3D models should be an awesome idea if you like drawing. Apart from that, the 3D printing pen supports ABS filament, and speed of the pen is adjustable.