XK Detect X380 GPS Quadcopter In Depth Review

Ever since XK, sister company to WLtoys (famous for its toy quadcopters), hit the market, they have been putting out awesome products for great prices and the XK Detect X380 Quadcopter is no exception. But what makes it truly special? Find out below!


Externally, The XK Detect X380 is a Medium-sized (350 class) with a simple design  and a sleek Carbon fiber look to it. The XK Detect X380 is proof that looks can be deceptive. Here are some specifications:


Motor2212 950kv brushless outrunners
Battery5400mAh 20C lipo
Weight960g with propellers and battery
Flight time30min(23-25min fully loaded)
GPS Error<1m


  • RTH(Return To Home)- Quadcopter returns to takeoff position
  • Altitude Hold– Craft holds its altitude with no input
  • GPS Position Hold – Craft holds its Lateral position with pinpoint accuracy
  • One key Take Off and Land – One key  to take off or land
  • Safe Landing (Low Battery)- Auto lands upon low voltage (warns you)
  • Failsafe RTH – If it loses signal, it Returns to takeoff position
  • Ultra Bright Status LED – Tells you what you need to know
  • Headless Mode – control is independent from the direction the quadcopter faces ( see my notes)

***Headless mode is a nice feature to have to just start out, but it can become a crutch very fast, It will limit your ability to judge orientation (VERY important). Also it is not beneficial when doing Aerial Photography***

These are all extremely handy features, especially for a beginner. In addition they are useful for the intermediate or even advanced user!

Setup and first flight

Flying Performance

The XK Detect X380 is no slouch when it comes to flight performance. Although it’s not the fastest or most powerful quadcopter money can buy (and rightfully so), It certainly takes all when it comes to stability: This is the single most stable quadcopter I have ever flown, as a testament to its stability, You could, in fact, mount a camera, with only the stock Mount (Vibration damping) and have no Jello whatsoever. This is an extremely big Plus when it comes to aerial photography. With Its gimbal, the video looks like it is floating. Its amazing in that respect.

As for response, it is a very responsive Quadcopter. Speed is not bad at all for this class of Quadcopter and It is capable of lifting almost 300g! It is extremely easy to fly as well, It will fight wind for you using its on-board GPS unit and it will stay exactly where you put it in space, thanks to the barometer. The Left stick (throttle) is sprung to the center, so when you pull down, the quadcopter descends, and when you push up, the craft ascends. Let the sticks go and it will stay in place with extreme accuracy (less than 1 m). RTH is accurate as well, Well within 1m over 10 test RTH activations.

Pros and Cons

  • Ultra- Stable Flyer
  • Long Range and Great Endurance
  • Easily Expandable
  • Easy to Fly
  • Good Build Quality and Reliability
  • Price!
  • Great Radio system
  • No mission planer or waypoints
  • Missing Manual mode-GPS lock is always on


The XK Detect X380 is undoubtedly a great Quadcopter. If I had to give it a score as a quadcopter it would be a 9/10. It is a blast to fly and it makes flying easy. Although it has some minor shortcomings, it is simply unbeatable for the price it demands. Starting well under the $300 mark, it certainly hits it out of the park. For beginners, for experts and everyone in between, the XK Detect proves that a great product, is not exclusive to the highest of budgets.

How to buy

Available on GearBest in different warehouses. XK Detect X380 GPS.

For shipping information, please refer to your country of destination guide, on this page.


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